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Multiple disulfide bridge

·Insulin analogues


·Peptide toxins (conotoxin, Huwentoxin, Charybdotoxin, Chlorotoxin etc.)

·Agouti-related Protein (AGRP) (87-132)

·Linaclotide and Plecanatide

·Custom cyclization motifs

Multiple phosphorylation or Sulfation (Tyr)


·5 phosphorylation sites available

·Experts in handling unstable sulfated peptides

(Tyrosine O-sulfation)

self assembling peptide
Cell penetrating peptide

Cyclization modification

·Amide bond cyclizations

·Stapled peptides

·Thioether cyclization

·disulfide bond cyclization

N-terminal(side-chain of Lys)modification·Bromoacetyl, Biotin, Lipoic acid,Maleimide, Mpa, palmitoyl, Succinylation
C-terminal modification

·Aldehyde, chloromethyl ketone, alkyl amide, alcohol, 

hydrazide, thioester etc.

dye labeled peptides·5-FAM, 5-TAMRA, Edans, FITC, AMC, AFC, pNA, Dabcyl, Cy3, Cy5, QSY7, QSY9, QSY21 etc.
FRET and TR-FRET Peptide·Dabcyl/Edans, Mca/Dnp, FITC/5FAM, Cy5/QSY21, FAM/QSY9, TAMRA/QSY7, FAM/Farnesyl etc.


PEG20000,PEG40000,4ARM-PEG and 8ARM-PEG

Unnatural amino acid modification

·D-amino acid

·Aib,Phg,Cit,Lys(Me),Arg(Me)2 etc.

Multiple-Antigen peptides2-branch, 4-branch, 6-branch and 8-branch available
Stable isotope labelingD,13C,15N,18O modifications available
Chelating PeptideDOTA,NOTA,DTPA etc.


·O-linked and N-linked glycopeptides

·Glucose: Ser(beta-D-GlcNAc), Thr(beta-D-GlcNAc,

·Asn(beta-D-GlcNAc), etc.

clickable peptidesReady-to-Click peptides(Pra,4_azido_Phe,Azidoacetyl etc.)